Saturday, May 23, 2009

scientists say the cutest things

Yesterday Bryan took Wyatt to the doctor for his second of three shots this week – shots for a recurring ear infection. The doctor says Wyatt has a double ear infection which is really a nice way of saying “your baby has been crying for two weeks” and for some reason antibiotics aren’t touching it.

I was holding Wyatt, trying to comfort him, having no luck. Bryan commented, “Didn’t we just go through this same stuff with Wesley? I thought we were done with this stuff.”

And I said, “Bryan, this is just part of having kids. If we have another one, it will probably happen again. That’s life.”

Bryan, ever the scientist, said completely seriously, “Laura, having another kid is like taking organic chemistry again for fun. We could do it, but WHY would we?”

I think it’s time to take away his Einstein and Friends action figures for a few days.

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