Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Abstract, schmabstract

Conversation heard today in our minivan:

Wesley: Mommy, what does “disease” mean?

Me: Well, it’s when someone gets sick. And it’s hard to get rid of.

Wesley: Do diseases have names?

Me: Yes, most of them have names.

Wesley: If I ever get a disease, I want to name it Sparky. And keep it forever.

It must be nice to be four sometimes.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last night was New Year’s Eve, in case you just came out of a coma and weren’t aware of that fact. And in my usual party animal fashion, I rang in the New Year while watching taped episodes of Dr. Phil by myself. (Bryan was working and not able to attend the Dr. Phil marathon, which was probably okay with him.)

I didn’t take any time to sit and reflect on 2010 or to ponder what kind of resolutions I need to make for 2011. But here are some of the highlights of 2010 for anyone who cares.

1. Winnie came back home. Since the home daycare ended, there was no danger that our ferocious nine pound shih-tzu would bite someone else’s child while attempting to steal a chicken nugget. My dad brought her back from his house in Arizona and the boys were thrilled – I think the whole first week they took turns ”walking” her around the yard with a lasso around her neck. Winnie was probably in a state of shock after her relaxing time at the retirement park, where my father rubbed her belly constantly and gave her treats for difficult tricks like breathing and having a pulse.
2. Following the advice of a friend, we got a DVR. Her words were, “Laura, you have to get one – it changed my life.” And she wasn’t kidding. My life has changed, too. Now while I am watching Diego for the zillionth time, I don’t have to fume about the fact that I am also missing Survivor because I can record it!!! And then I can watch it whenever I want and never watch a commercial for Progressive again. I still watch the Geico ones though, because they are funny.
3. As I write this, I weigh thirty pounds less than I did one year ago on New Year’s Day. And that is a good feeling. It has been a long year of choosing popcorn over ice cream and spending my free moments at the fitness center but it has been worth it. And at the break-neck pace of losing two and a half pounds a month, I should be ready for bikini season just in time for my 85th birthday party. I can hardly wait.

Happy 2011 to you all!