Sunday, August 1, 2010

big fun in a little town

I keep seeing all these books/magazine articles/television talk shows that are telling us all to “slow down” and spend more time together. It is charming that suddenly everyone cares so much about us that they want us to slow down and enjoy life. The problem is: the Phillips family is not busy. Not even a little bit. It’s like a constant public service announcement telling me to breathe – I AM already!!!

Maybe part of our slow pace is due to the small town we live in. But I remember when I lived in the Denver area, right smack in the middle of exciting things galore – I still never felt too busy. I could usually find time for a little afternoon siesta if needed. In fact, my life as a full time teacher living in a big city didn’t feel too busy at all. It felt like Baby Bear’s porridge – just right.

Nowadays, when I have two errands to run, I do one today and save the other one for tomorrow. Not because I’m procrastinating, but because I may not have anything to do tomorrow if I use up all my errands today. I have time to rearrange the living room and water the flowers and alphabetize the medicine cabinet. And all with my darling children right underfoot.

But sometimes, I get bored. Can you believe it?!?

This week I was having a day which felt a little more like melba toast than focaccia bread. It was the kind of day that seems to go on and on and on. And on.

Until Bryan came up with a thrilling idea. His idea was that we go to a nearby town and borrow his grandpa’s golf cart. And then we drive it around the tiny little town. If you are waiting for the exciting part, that was it – reread the second and third sentences.

Having no other alternative with any more appeal than watching paint dry, we set out. What you need to know about this nearby town is that it is tiny. The size of a house fly’s press-on nail. The sign says the population is 500 although I suspect that might be wishful thinking. So we drove around that town and saw all that it had to offer – would you believe we saw houses, a school, and goats? Well, believe it.

But here is the scandalous part. Aside from the moments when Bryan was taking corners way too fast and I was holding on to the boys for dear life, I had a great time. The song that says, “We’re from the country and we like it that way,” kept running through my head. And for a little while, I did like it.

And I wasn’t bored at all.

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