Tuesday, July 21, 2009

red alert! red alert!

This morning I woke up and went into the kitchen for my nutritious morning pick-me-up - Diet Dr. Pepper. As I drank my lukewarm breakfast right out of the can, I realized in a moment of terror that someone had been in our house last night. I guess that means it was broken into, but I couldn’t find any signs of forced entry. I also looked all around and couldn’t find anything missing.

But I know that someone, some stranger, had been in our kitchen. Because yesterday I noticed that the last paper towel had been used and the empty roll was still on the holder. And I thought, “I’m not going to change it right now.” And then this morning, there was a brand new roll on the holder! And since I’m the only one who knows where we keep the paper towels…well, it doesn’t take a detective to realize that someone must have broken into our house. I’ve seen enough C.S.I. to know that I had better not touch anything that might be evidence, especially the dirty dishes in the sink or the sticky spots on the counter!

The police are never going to believe this!

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