Tuesday, February 10, 2009

life is great, blah blah blah

Sometimes my husband gets on my case about my writing. He thinks I write about negative stuff too much. Or that I come off as a negative person from my writing. And I argue that it isn’t that I’m negative – it’s just that I don’t think being super positive is very funny. Imagine if I wrote something like this:

Today was a good day. When I stepped on the scale, I had lost 40 pounds overnight! My kids were healthy and behaved perfectly all day long. In the afternoon I opened the mail and there was an envelope full of money – cash! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, a delivery man arrived with a big bouquet of flowers from Bryan. The note said, “Just because I love you and appreciate all you do.” When Bryan got home from work he told me to just take it easy while he cooked dinner and did the dishes. Then the kids went to bed and we both read for a few hours until bedtime, where I drifted off into a sound slumber that was uninterrupted for at least eight hours.

Who would want to read that crap? I almost fell asleep just writing it. Not everything in this life is wonderful and smells like sunshine and rainbows and unicorns. In fact, some things smell like armpits and rotten cheese and I like to write about those things. They make me laugh.

Sorry, Bryan, but that’s just how I roll.


cheeky said...

I nearly peed my pants, and I'm still smiling.

jrh678 said...

Thanks for letting us in on your stinky armpits and cheese! :) You always make me smile!!!