Thursday, September 18, 2008

hello - is anyone there?

It's like my mom always said - "Your friends are the ones who will be there for you when you need them."

Two days ago, I sent out a plea, asking that you all help me think of something to do every day for a year. And do you know how many responses I got? Are you ready? Two. Yes, that was the number that comes right after one and before three, TWO! I guess it's time to thank God that I didn't really need help - that I hadn't fallen into a well or wasn't choking on my own tongue - because with only TWO people to help me, I'm pretty sure I'd be stuck in that well or tongueless. And it wasn't because the prize offer was vague. In fact, one friend actually said he would take the Poop-Eating Dog. That's a true friend.

So, despite my feeling that you all apparently wouldn't post a comment if your life (or mine probably) depended on it, I'm going to share the ideas I've gotten so far.

Every day for a year, I could:
Hug a stranger
call my mother in law (talk to her every day already, though)
blog 10 words
post a blog
do a good deed
write a letter to someone

These are all good ideas, but I haven't gotten the one that really makes my heart beat faster yet. And don't worry - I haven't lost faith in you guys. Because my mom also used to say, "Cupcakes are not breakfast food," and she was WAY wrong on that one.

Send me ideas!

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Anonymous said...

you could write a paragraph a day for a child's story book. it could be about something in your childhood. tape this to the walls of your storm cellar. then when you are sitting down there with your children waiting for a storm, you could let Wesley pick which one to read next. if nothing else, this will create wallpaper for your cellar and give that visiting mouse something to chew on.