Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am reading a book right now about a woman who is a mother of five children. I would love to have five children, in theory. Reality is that sometimes my two boys use their magical powers to produce the same effects as five children. It’s a talent they have, really. But I am getting off the subject. In the book, the mom suggests that every mom make a list of 25 “things” about herself. She says that we should all make this list every few years because it will likely change as our phases of life change. I know it sounds kind of silly, but I really enjoyed reading her list and have been thinking about what would go on my own list. (And how a mother of five small children had time to make a list of 25 anything is beyond me…)

1. I love to make lists. Bryan thinks it is an obsession and maybe it is, a little. I love making them – especially when I am bored or feeling motivated. I usually carry a purse-sized notebook with me and make lists of every kind – groceries, people I need to call, places I want to go this summer, etc. And isn’t it ironic that I am currently making a list of my lists?

2. Despite the fact that I post on this site about once every three months, I think about writing every single day. Probably five or ten times a day, something happens or I hear something and want to write about it. I love, love, love writing and posting on okiemom. I like the satisfying feeling of “publishing” a post that might make someone laugh. I dream of having a site that lots of people read every day. What keeps me from actually writing more regularly is lack of focus. I can waste a whole evening better than anyone I know. I need to remedy that in the near future.

3. The stack of books that I have and plan to read is taller than the Jolly Green Giant. I could probably get through them faster if I would throw a brick through my television.

4. I want to be a runner. I used to subscribe to the magazine, “Runner’s World” just to read what real runners do. Unfortunately, it’s not like a club you can just pay your dues to and become a member. You have to actually RUN which takes a little more work that subscribing to a magazine and reading the articles.

5. I like to look at my boys when they are sleeping – they are so cute when they are unconscious!

6. I don’t understand why anyone would ever have their nipple pierced. Ever.

7. I have always wanted to adopt a daughter from China. (Okay, maybe not “always” but at least since I was old enough to know that it was an option.)

8. I like to watch movies with the subtitles playing. English movies. I don’t know why, but having the subtitles to read while I listen helps me follow the movie better. I know – I’m like an old man. Next thing I know I’ll be watching the weather channel for fun.

9. I like to watch TV shows about true crime. I hope this is never used as evidence against me in court. As in, “Well you know, she was always interested in watching all those shows about crime…” I think it’s the psychology part of the cases that I like to ponder. Yes, I’m going with that.

10. When I was in middle school, I wanted to be a dentist. I’m not sure why this was my goal at the time. Especially since my dentist growing up was a gruff man who smelled of cheap cologne and cigarettes. He was not a “kid person.” I think my dream of becoming a dentist faded after I realized I would have to spend all day looking at other people’s teeth. And that I would probably have to start flossing daily.

Okay, I am going to continue this list tomorrow. I don’t want anyone suffering from “Laura List Overload.”

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jrh678 said...

I love making lists, too!!! Sometimes I wonder just how much I would get accomplished if I would spend my list-making time actually DOING the things on my lists...