Friday, September 18, 2009

you learn something new every day

Things I’ve learned this week
1. A one year old can fit four Dora the Explorer dominoes in his mouth before he gags and hurls all over the place.
2. Whoever made up the phrase, “No use crying over spilled milk,” probably didn’t spill a half gallon under the microwave and all over the stove while they were making grilled cheese for six hungry kids.
3. If a three year old comes to you and says, “I almost about pooped my pants!” there is no use in hurrying to the bathroom because he/she probably already did.
4. Do not feed Fiber One poptarts to little kids if they are going to be staying at your house for the rest of the day. Just don’t do it.
5. And the last, best thing that I learned this week was this: the laundry can probably be done faster without the help of my two sons BUT it is more fun to let them help me in a dark laundry room, using their flashlights.

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