Monday, August 10, 2009

first day back

Today is the big day. Or at least one of the big days. It is the first day of school for teachers in the area which means I will have five or six of my closest friends with me again starting now. Last night I could hardly sleep because I was so,…er,…excited.

I was thinking about what makes home daycare a hard job. Contrary to popular belief, I do not sit on the couch eating bon-bons all day and watching soap operas. I prefer to eat my bon-bons in the kitchen, yo. Really, though, what makes it hard is that I do not enjoy chaos. And there are moments, mainly the moments around lunch and preparing to go outside, that feel like chaos. When everyone needs my help at the same time and I just don’t have enough arms and legs to handle the job. I’ve found that there are a few ways to control chaos but only two are legal. One is to make a pretty solid routine and stick to it each day. I try to do this. The other is to have fun and educational activities for the kids to do. This one is harder than having a routine because it requires me to do a lot of planning. Little kids have a short attention span. Like, three minutes. So on a typical day, I have to come up with roughly three hundred activities. And don’t even think about doing the same thing two days in a row!

If you happen to think of me today, know that we are having the time of our lives making pretzel necklaces and Lego towers. The time of our lives. Somebody get me a bon-bon.

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