Tuesday, April 8, 2008

things I need to tell my therapist, part 1

This week has been an especially trying one for Bryan and me. Last Friday, we actually for real not even in a dream closed on our new house. And we made it from beginning to end without a realtor. Don’t get me wrong - it was nice to save the money that it would have cost to use a realtor, but it also would have been nice to have not dealt with the sellers directly. By the time the closing finally happened, she had developed such a passionate contempt for us that we had to sign all of the papers in separate rooms. We had, it seems, asked for her to do unreasonable things such as: fix the garage door so that it actually goes up and down and (gasp!) that she have both toilets in the house be in working order. I know - the nerve of us! But really, separate rooms to sign the papers? Are we in middle school?

Then, 35 minutes before the closing, the lady handling the paperwork end of it all called me to tell me that I needed to bring a cashier’s check for almost $6,000. Okay. Except that our bank is in another state. I was just relieved that she didn’t need something that would be HARD FOR ME TO GET AT THE LAST MINUTE like one of my kidneys or Wesley’s baby toe in a jar.

So we closed on Friday but the house didn’t have power or water until Monday. On Monday and Tuesday we cleaned like mad beasts. Tuesday was our anniversary so Bryan and I were planning to have dinner. We stopped at the new house so I could show Bryan what we had gotten done while he was at work. It was then that we first heard the mysterious gurgling sound in one of the bathrooms. Ten minutes later we were both in the other bathroom, pantlegs rolled up, frantically trying to mop up the water that was pouring from the toilet. It was our most romantic anniversary yet.

Stay tuned for the next episode....

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